Pletan farm


… is located in Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway.


Photos and description submitted by Rod Pletan

Three of these photos were taken on or from the farm Pletan Farm place in Norway in about 1986. The Pletan farm is shown on many standard, even current Norwegian maps as being just north of Eggedal.

Living in smaller house in 1985-86 was a family named Myhre. The older, bigger house was empty at the time.

The aerial photo is from a book and if the center of a clock was in the middle of the photo, I believe the farm at 8:00 is the Pletan Farm. At least that is what I was told and having been there, it looks like it.

My Pletan family name was ‘borrowed’ from this farm but no Pletan’s in America are related to the any owners of the Pletan farm. Instead, all of the Pletan’s in America are descendants of Eric Jenson who lived with his family on the Bjørkerud place, which is on the Pletan farm but located just a little closer to Eggedal than the Pletan farm place. Eric was a teacher and did not have a place to grow food for his 10 children so he was a hired man (husmann) for the owners of Pletan. In return, he raised his family on Bjørkerud. All of Eric’s living children except Eric Erickson Pletan emigrated to America using the surname of Pletan. Son Eric never married nor fathered any children.

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