Haugan farm

Haugan Nedre

… is located in Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway

Haugan Nedre

Photos and description submitted by Mel and Sharon Haugan

Haugan is located in the municipality of Sigdal (Sigdal Kommune) in the county of Buskerud (Buskerud Fylke). Haugan stands on a highland overlooking the community of Prestfoss. This registry of historic Norwegian farms completed in 1886 listed the Haugan farm as holding farm number (gardnummer) 35 in “Norske Gaardnavne” by Oluf Rygh. In 1950, the farm was listed in the Land Register (Matrikkelutkastet) as being sub-divided into 5 gård and 25 bruks. Today the original Haugan farm consisting of two primary farms (gård): Haugan nedre and Haugan øvre.

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