… is a kommune, which is a political entity that is often likened to a township in the US. Sigdal Kommune features a broad valley, extending northwest to southeast. A river, the Simoa, has its source in the Eggedal area and it flows southeastward through the valley. In the southeastern part of the Kommune, the river widens into a lake, called Soneren. A major landmark in the Kommune is Andersnatten, a distinctive, round-topped mountain that rises out of the valley floor near the center of the Kommune.

Andersnatten and Soneren

The name ‘Sigdal’ is often used in a more restricted sense to refer to the southeastern part of the kommune, that part that is served by the Sigdal church.

On the west shore of Lake Soneren is a farm called Lauvlia, which was the home for several years of the artist Theodore Kittelsen. The farm buildings now house a museum commemorating Kittelsen’s work.