2017 Stevne

The Stevne inDecorah, Iowa was filled with great entertainment

We thank Birgitta, Carol and Marguerite Meade for the great afternoon they prepared for us. The lag spent the afternoon at the historic rural Hauge Lutheran Church seven miles north of Decorah.

Lunch was provided. The meal blessing will be delivered by clergy wearing the antique prestefrakk (preaching robe) worn by former Sigdal’s lag president Carol Meade’s grandfather when he was a pioneer pastor in the late 1800’s. This is a fun photo op.

We had an opportunity to see the Meade family’s Norwegian Fjord Horse and to take pictures.

Sigdalslag Annual Meeting 2017 Attendees above

Front, L to R: Jean Borgerding, Linda Mohn, Dianne Snell, Paul D. Larson, Jean Knaak, Marguerite Meade, Carol Meade, Lexi Roe, Lizzie Roe

Row 2, L to R: Jill Hanson, Marilyn Somdahl, Bruce Thompson, Erik Meade, Audrey Pletan

Row 3, L to R: Garth Ulrich, Eunice Helgeson, Lila Harp, Ed Harp, Kirk Gries, Rod Pletan

Row 4, L to R: Janice Johnson, Ginny Blood, Dottie Gilbertson, Marlys Honrud Larsen, Vonne Coyle, Jeff Kopseng

Row 5, L to R: Sheila Winstead, John Glesne, Birgitta Meade, Alan Bloemke, Donna Kulenkamp, Dale Buisman, Karen Olson, Mike Coyle, Earl O. Knutson, Betty Knutson

A short business meeting completed the afternoon. We will took a group picture before adjourning in time for you to return to Decorah to prepare for the banquet.