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The following is a list of the holdings of the Sigdalslag Library.

(If you have a written history (local, church, family) or other materials to add to the library please e-mail our genealogist by clicking HERE.)


Goettelman, Rosella, Letters Written To Helge Gundersen Skare and Others From Friends and Relatives in America. Published by the Sigdalslag 1988. Spiral bound., also Brevene Tilhører Helge Skare, Eggedal, Norse copy of the letters, unbound, gift from Gerhard Naeseth 1989.

Krødsherad Index (an index of Krødsherad, Bind I, Gard og Slekt ved Andreas Mørch, utgitt av Krødsherad Kommune 1974) Compiled and edited by Lee Rokke, Sigdalslaget genealogist, 1990, printed by the Anundsen Publishing Company, Decorah, Iowa. First name index of all heads of household in the bygdebok.

The Sigdalslag 1914 1920, Books one and two of Sigdalslaget, English translation by Rosella Goettelman, published 1997, printed by Anundson Publishing Company, Deocorah, IA. 2 copies

The Sigdalslag 1929 1932 1941, Books three four and five of Sigdalslaget, English translation by Rosella Goettelman, published 1996, printed by Anundson Publishing Co, Decorah Iowa. 2 copies

Sigdalslaget Til 1914, Krodsherad, Eggedal og Sigdal, Udgivet av laget og samlet ved G. T. Braatelien, formand. (very frail copy) It has been copied and members are urged to use the copy in the three ring binder. Two copies donated by Chet Habberstad July 1997 also in bad condition.

Sigdalslaget, Krødsherred, Eggedal og Sigdal fra 1914 til 1920, Med Vore Sønner Som Soldater, utgivet of Sigdalslaget og samlet of formanden G. T. Bratelien and sekretær K. T. Kopseng. (4 copies. 1 gift from Stanley Gromseth; 1 gift from Edna Erickson; 1 gift from James Hanson, 1 gift from Chet Habberstad)

Sigdalslaget, Oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger I Amerika, Udgivet av Sigdalslaget I 1929, samlet ved Martin T. Braatelien. (2 copies) gift from Edna Erickson July 1987. (3 copies. 1. gift from Stanley Gronseth July 1987; 2 gifts from Edna Erickson July 1987)

Sigdalslaget, 4de Bog Oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger I Amerika, udgivet av Sigdalslaget i 1932 Samlet ved Martin Braatelien, Sagaskriver. (4 copies. 1. gift from Paul Larson July 1986. 2, gift from Stanley Gronseth July 1987 3. gift from Edna Erickson July 1987 4. gift from Chet Habberstad July 1997)

Sigdalslaget, 5te Bog, Oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger, udgivet av Sigdalslaget i 1941 samlet og redigeret av Martin Braatelien (very frail copy). Second copy donated by Chet Habberstad July 1997.

Sigdalslaget, 6te Bog Oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger I Amerika, og Norge, 1949, samlet og redigert av sagaskriveren A.S. Aasand of Mrs Alfred Sivesen som medhjælper (4 copies, 2 were gifts from Chet Habberstad July 1997)

Sigdalslaget Album 1991-1992 Descendants of Immigrant with Norwegian Roots in Sigdal, Eggedal and Krødsherad, Edited by Marilyn Dahlen Somdahl, published by the Sigdalslaget I Amerika, Bloomington, Minnesota 1992. (1 copy)

Sigdalslag Catalog, contains pictures and descriptions of all the property of the Sigdalslag. Three Ring binder.

Sigdalslag Saga. First edition May 1981. Copies of all papers through the present date. Kept in three ring binders.

Sigdalslag 2000. Pictures of the Sigdalag on tour to Norway and at the 2000 stevne in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Assembled by Lee Rokke, stored in a three ring binder.

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Anderson, Andrew O. Diary of a Pioneer Day Traveler, Translated by Mrs. Clara Nordstrom. 27 page booklet. Diary written in 1864 about the author's experiences on a wagon train to the west. Gift from Shirley Sampson, 1995.

Andersen, Jessie Taylor (Mrs Leroy), Ancestors' and Descendants' Families Anderson, Kalvarud, Hagen, Golson, Quisley. Data compiled 1984. Xerox copy of the sections pertaining to Sigdal. Original in the Son's of Norway Library, 1455 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Asse, Helen Knudson, Emrud and Knudson Heritage, 1985, gift from the author, January 1997.

Aasen, Lawrence O., Torger and Bertha Brenden, Pioneer Farmers, gift from the author 1989.

Aasen, Lawrence O, A Look Back, To Ole and Mary Aasen, Their Children and the Early Days. gift from the author 1989.

Austin, Merril C. Austin Family History. dated April 1987. Gift from Author 1991

Beck, Delores Thompson, The Thompson Family Heritage Book 1880-1980. Printed Grand Forks, ND, 1980. gift from Delores Thompson Beck 1985.

Berg, Howard, Brevig, Berg. This book, donated by the author, does a better job than most of presenting people in the family today, so that it would be possible to contact others who might have answers to you questions about the Brevigs.

Berg, Henry, Ancestral table Anders Olausen Tandberg (Andrew Berg) 1882-1943. work in progress. Computer print out in report binder. gift from the author 1996.

Berg, Henry, Descendants of Gunder Aslesen, Computer print out in two three ring binders. Gift from the author. 1992.

Bickman, Connie M. Pages of the Past, Seeds For Tomorrow. Tracing the history and roots of the families of Pletan*Baasen*Bjore-Flaglien*Sandvik. Printed at the Cannon Falls Beacon 1982. c 1982 Connie Bickman, gift from Rodney and Audrey Pletan Dec 31, 1989.

Braaten, The Guttorm and Esther Braaten Family 1888- 1986, gift from Esther Braaten Thompson, Rolette, ND, July 1993.

Buchanen, Carol M. Severson's Treasure Chest. Printed Whiteway Printing, Prince Albert Sask., Canada. July 1985. 214 pages, spiral bound. Gift from Henry Berg April 1997.

Bye, Christoffer, Bye Family From Sigdal in Buskerud Through 650 Years. Pub Hokksund, Norway, 1995. Translated by Glenice Hanneman and Gary Hanneman. Translation spiral bound. Gift from Glenice Hanneman March 1998.

Christenson, Dee, Family Tree of John and Helena Rud, Copy in Report cover, Gift from the author, July 1996.

Ellefsen, Ellef, Halgrim Andersen Finnevolden og Gunhild Palmesdatter Aure, Deres forfedre of etterkommere, 134 pages, perfect bind. Gift from Ellef Ellefsen, Honefoss, Norway, Sept 2000.

Ellefsen, Ellef, Asle Gulbrandsen Brekka og Berit Torjusdatter Omerud, deres forfedre og etterkommere. 144 pages, perfect bind. Gift from Ellef Ellefsen, Honefoss Norway Sept 2000.

Enger, Keith, Descendants of Palme P. Enger, prepared especially for the second Enger family Reunion, "The Enger Jive of '95." Spiral bound, Gift from the author, July 1996.

Erber, Audrey, Brita Edwinson, Elling Thompson, and Endre Anderson Family History Vol. I, published by Audrey Erber, Oak Park, IL. c.1992, printed by Evangel Press Nappanee, IN. Gift from the author, December 1993.

Erickson, Rolf Herbert and Audry Berner White, Nævra-Erickson, A Sigdal Family, published by Michael Freidel, 1966. Gift from Michael Freidel May, 1997.

Felske, Evelyn, Land of Beyond, Leknes Family History and Genealogy, Published by the author, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 1989. Printed by Marion Press, Battleford, Saskatchewan. Gift from the author May 3, 1993

Foster, Eunice Gronseth, The Vatnaas History, Published on the occasion of the dedication of the Vatnaas house in Heritage Park, Minot, ND. Gift from the author, November1991.

Goettelman, Rosella, A Chronicle of Courage, The Myran-Ansten Story. gift from the author 1991.

Hagen, David and Lorraine Maa, From Kleivshagen to America, 1999, copy in file folder, filed Hagen. Gift from David Hagen 2001.

Helgeson, Eunice, Helgeson Family History, Descendants of Ole Helgeson Brevig and Ingeborg Olsdatter Bjornerud. Compiled and and copyrighted 1984. gift from Eunice Helgeson 1985.

Hong, Anna, Our Norwegian Ancestors and their Siblings and Descendants, Published by the author, Copyright 1968 printed by Anundsen Publishing Co, Decorah, IA., 2nd printing 1973. Autographed by Anna Hong. Gift from Debbie Shortino, Courtesy of Kermit Westbrook, Carson, California, April 1994

Johnson, Delphin, Johnson Family History, Ancestors from Dvegge, Grimsgaard, Gulsvig, Oppegård, Frøysok, Vold, Buøen, in report cover. Gift from Mr. Johnson November 2000.

Klagstad, August, Klagstad-Halvorsen Family History up to the year 1946. Unbound copy, gift from Rolf Erickson March 1988.

Kastelle, Harald W. and Russell, Hans Hanson Kastellet 1817-1890 His Family and Descendants. Spiral bound copy. Published 1996, Sun City Arizona. Gift from Harald and Russell Kestelle.

Kvisle, Ola, compiler and editor, I Ring Om Fjøslia, Slektshistorie fra Numedal, Sigdal of U.S. A. M.V. Published by Ola Kvisle 1950, printed Centraltrykkeriet, Drammen. Gift from Olga Berglund, July 1996

Law, Ruth, Peterson Family History, in Report cover, copy of the Norwegian half of Ruth Law’s family. Includes the descendants of Anne Halvorsdtr Aby. 117 pages. Pictures, family charts. Gift from the Author January 1998.

Lie, Daniel, Noen of Eiker Slekt I Amerika, som har røtter i Sigdal. Unbound copy, gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988. See Also Sigdalslag Survey: Ødegaardsslekt.

Lundquist, Jack The Glesne Family History, The Descendants of Even Reiulfsen Glesne 1774-1994, August 1994. Gift from the author May 1995.

Mellum, Helen, Hogenson Hardanger Heritage, 1987. Gift from the author, August 1992.

Moen, Marilyn Gronseth, Gronseth Family Photos - Sigdal Emigrants, 15 pages in report cover, Gift from Marilyn Moen May 1999

Mørch, Andreas, Register til Slektsrekkene, circle pedigree charts assembled by Mørch using his own bygdegøker. Ring binder designed to be taken apart, Copy in Spiral bind. Gift from Andreas Mørch 1989.

Olsen, Gail & Hensch, Becky, compilers, Risbrudt 1985, gift from Rodney & Audrey Pletan, October 1992.

Opsahl, Olav K. Medbønslekten, Et Slektsregister fra Sørbygda i Flå, published 1950 by O.K. Opsahl in Flå Norway. Gift from Maren Mason April 1996. Xerox copy placed in ring binder.

Opsahl, Olav K. En Skoleholder og Hans Slekt 1540-1966. Published April 1966 by O. K. Opsahl in Flå, Norway. Tracing the family of Truls Olsen Rishovd in Krødsherad. 44 pages . Gift from Maren Masion April, 1996. Xerox copy placed in report cover.

Pletan, Rod, Ancestors and Descendants of Engebret Torkildsen and his wife Kari Ellefsdatter, who emigrated with their family from the Risbrudt Farm in Sigdal, Norway in 1861, eventually settling in St. Olaf Township, Otter Tail Co., MN. Gift from the author.

Rand, Sidney, In Pleasant Places, A Memoir, published by St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 1996. Gift from the author, September 1996.

Redalen, Joyce, Then and Now, Volume 1, A History of the forebears and descendants of Ingebor Thoresdatter Roisen and Ole Tollefson Tollefsrud. Printed by Snider Publishing Chatfield, Minnesota. Undated. Gift from Elton and Joyce Redalen, Fountain, MN. March 1993

Redalen, Torgrim, Slekten Redalen 1425-1968. Gård nr 224, bruk nr 2, matrikkelen av 1906, Krødsherad kommune, Redalen Nordigaard. With Paula Colby Barrett, Marion Matson, Jan Sorbel and Mary Lou Harpestad. Printed in Norway, Hagen Repro, Bekkestuga 1986. Gift from Marion Matson May 27, 1987.

Reistad, Kjell, compiler, Descendants of Amund Hafar, print out from a computer list published in Krokstadelva, Norway 1995. Gift from Ralph Jorgensen

Rokke, Lee, Descendants of Olaus & Nikoline Rokke 1886-1986. Compiled and edited 1986. Gift from David & Lee Rokke 1986.

Ruen, Mrs Howard, The Kjos-Eggebraaten Family History. Edition No 3, Genealogy 1962-1981, Norway, America. Gift from Katheryn Meyer Schmidt, Helma Sylling Meyer and and Connie Schmidt Anderson. 1988

Ruff, Lola, The Edward Odegard Family, in report cover. Gift from Lola Ruff 2001.

Ruff, Lola, The Sven Evenson Family, in report cover. Gift from Lola Ruff 2001.

Rund, Clarice, From Norway to America With the Runds, with Mrs Elroy Rund and Mrs Charles Carr. Gift from Thomas and Clarice Rund. 1987.

Sandve, Wanyce, Red Top Schoolhouse, The Story of the Children of Thore and Maren Andersdtr Helgeson and their descendants in the year of 1977. copy, Gift from Wanyce Sandve 1986.

Selland, Cynthia, with Chandice Johnson, T. H. H. Thoresen: States Attorney, Tax Commissioner, and Lieutenant Governor. North Dakota Mini-Biography series, published by the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismark 1986. 32 page bound booklet. Gift from Henry Berg September 1996.

Sevre, Sigmond, Sevre-slekt og Andre Greiner Fra Nedre Hallingdal, Oslo, Oktober 1991, 347 pages + picture section. Correction page added in back. Gift from Debbie Shortino and Henry Berg, July 1997.

Sigdalslag Survey, index of Immigrants from Sigdal, Eggedal and Krødsherad. a collection of information on the immigrants from Sigdal, Eggedal and Krødsherad, donated by descendants of the immigrants and filed in three ring binders by first name of the immigrant. There is also a computer index of the Survey, constantly being updated and revised. Indexed by first name, patronymic, and farm name, sex, area of origin, Immigration date, birthdate, spouse first name, patronymic and farm name, attest note, place of settlement in US. Note section contains bygdebok page where person is located, Sigdalslag survey notes or other books where names are located, and other notes such as marriage, deaths. Copies of this material are also in the Sigdal og Eggedal Museum, Prestfoss, Norway, the Norwegian-American Historical Association in Northfield, Minnesota, and in the Vesterheim Genealogical Canter in Madison, Wisconsin.

Skadeland, Lynn and Don, Skadeland - Skalland, Norway to North Dakota, by Lynn and Don Skadeland. Published 2000, 108 pages, illustrated, spiral bound. Contains a list of the descendants of Asle Narvesen Kopseng. Gift January 2001 from Lynn and Don Skadeland.

Stangebye, H. Slektsstevne på Narum Gård, Sigdal, 7 Juli 1963. Brochure with charts and listings of Narum family, poetry by Eva Aasand and Thormod Skatvedt. Gift from Olga Berglund 1995.

Svendsbye, Lloyd, One Family's Story, about the descendants of Anders A. Svendsbye. Actually includes many detailed stories about this immigrant family and the people who surrounded them. Gift from the author.

Swanby, Unbound copy of Swanby family material, Modum family with connections to Sigdal, Ødegård, Sonju, Nævra. gift from Rolf Erickson 1990.

Stensvad, David, The Stensvad Family, Decendants of Jon Andersen Stensvad and Ingeborg Olsdatter Åsand. Bound in report cover. no date. Gift from David Stensvad February 1996.

Tukua, Jule C., Historien om Ole og Gunhild Tukua Slekten, Ved Jule C. Tukua, Oversatt av Erling Engell, Published by Family Heritage Publishers 2003, 310 pages hard cover. Gift from Jule Tukua 2003.

Tukua, Jule C., Ole and Gunhild Tukua Family, three ring binder, gift from Jule Tukua, May 2000.

Uggen, Ole, History of the Uggen Family, translated by Hilda Larson, Minneapolis MN. Copy nound in report cover. Gift from Stanly Uggen.

Ugstad, Esther (Mrs. Orville) and others of the Bergerud family, From Norway to America with the Bergeruds, 1966, xerox copy, 196 pages, spiral bound. Gift from Wendy Bergerud 1997.

Ugstad, Esther The Bergerud’s 1816-2000, a History of the Bergerud Family from Norway to America. Sub titled: of the Bergeruds, by the Bergeruds, for the Bergeruds 2000. Written by Esther Ugstad, Clarice Rund, Sylvia Bergerud and Hilding Tjaden. Richly illustrated, 200 pages, perfect Bind. Gift from Esther Ugstad, July 2000.

Walker, Denise, Medalen & Gronhovd Line, 60 pages, Spiral bound. Gift from Betty Foster, June 1999.

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Miller, Hagbert, Unionsperioden og Norges Gjenreisning, Overblik over Norges Politiske Historie samt forholdet til Sverige fra 1814 til 1906. Published by J. S. Ziegler & Co, Chicago in 1906. Gift from Dianne Snell, July 2001.

Steinsvik, Tone Sindig & Kjell Rasmus Steinsvig, Eds. Sommeren med Th. Kittilsen, Stiftelsen Modums Blaafarveværk, 20 Mai- 1 Oct 1995, published May1995. Purchase June 1998 $25.00

Voldahl, Henrik, Lysnes, Olaf & Johnson, E Kr, Editors, Firehundredaarig Lutherdom, Published by Augsburg Publishing House 1917, Minneapolis. Biographies of several Norwegian American church leaders. gift from Dianne Snell, July 1994.


Antique Automobile, Official publication of the Antique Automobile Club of america, Inc. September/October 1984. Vol 48, No 5. Contains an article The Colby, written by Paula Colby Barrett, page 33-44. Gift from Paula Colby Barrett 1984.

Boe, Debbie, transcriber, Kandiyohi and Monongalia County, Minneaota, Norway Lake Residents 1862-1916. as transcribed from Frestskrift - en fremstilling of det kirkelige arbeide Norway Lake fra 1862-1916, ved pastorene Mons Stotendahl og N. J. Njus. Gift from Debbie Boe, March 1992

Cemetary record, Transcription of West Norway Lake Cemetery ( Hope Lutheran) Norway Lake Twp Section 32, June 19, July 10, 1991. Gift from Debbie shortino, Minneapolis, MN July 1993.

Census records, excerpts from the 1850 census records of Racine County Wisconsin and Boone County Illinois. Gift from Rosella Goettleman, July 1993.

Church records - excerpts of Lille Iowa Congregation Record book, donated by Rosella Goetleman 1992.

Erickson, Helen M., Madison Cemetery History 1856-1996, gift from Henry Berg, Palm Springs, CA., July 1998.

First Lutheran Church, St Ansgar, Iowa 1853-1978. 125th anniversary booklet, gift from Claire Grothe, Minnetonka, MN August 1993.

Johnson, O. S., The Pioneer Story of Spring Grove and the Surrounding area, Minnesota, Translated from Norwegian by Aagot Svanøe, LaCrosse, Wis., for Ove Guberud, LeCrescent, MN. Scanned and printed copy in report cover. 26 pages. Gift from Lee Rokke April 1998.

Johnson, O. S. Nybyggerhistorie fra Spring Grove og Omegn, Minnesota. Published by the author, 1920, printed by the Folkebladets Publishing Company, Minneapolis, MN. An Early History of Norse Settlement. Gift from Nancy Nelson 1989

Lilleboe, Don S. Prairie Village, History of Wendell, Minnesota 1887-1918. Published by the author 1973. Perfect bind, 83 pages.Gift from Rod Pletan, July 1989.

Lilleboe, Don S. Prairie Village Centennial History 1887-1987, published by the Wendell Centennial Committee, May 1987. Gift from Lee Rokke 1990.

Minnewaukan, North Dakota, Pioneers and Progress, 1883-1983 Xerox copies of pages that contain Sigdal families, gift from Kevin Lunde, Brinsmade, ND.

The Palimpsest, Iowa's Popular History Magazine, Vol 62, Number 4, July/August 1981. Contains article on the Colby Motor Company, pages118-128, by Paula Colby Barrett. Gift from Paula Barrett, July 1982.

Portland, North Dakota Diamond Jubilee July 1-2, 1882-1957. Brochure 85 pages. Gift from Leroy Madson, Totenlag genealogist, Gardner, North Dakota, November 1994.

Slagsvold, P.L., Redaktør, Bygdelagenes Fællesraad, inc. Aarbok og Julhilsen 1929. Lund Press inc, trykkeri, Minneapolis, MN 1929.

Roseau County Historical Society, Pioneers! O Pioneers!, a History of Early Settlers in Roseau County, 1885-1910. Illustrated, pages numbered 272- 438, perfect bind. Gift from Debbie Shortino and Arlene Gundersen Seydel, July 2000.

Tunheim, John R., A Scandinavian Saga, Pioneering in New Folden Township, Marshall County, Minnesota 1882-1905. A History of the settling of New Folden Township. Includes some immigrants form the Sigdal area. gift from Lee Rokke 1986.

Westbrook Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary, Sunday June 24, 1945. A brief history of the Westbrook Lutheran Congregation, Ann Township, Cottonwood County Minnesota. Gift from Lee Rokke 1990.

Wigdal, Gary, Twixt Hill and Prairie, A Century of Challange in the Rothsay, Minnesota Area. In cooperation with the Rothsay Centennial Committee, Holiday printing, Rothsay 1982. Signed "best wishes, Gary Wigdal". Includes stories about A. B. Pedersen, Sigdalslag's first president. gift from Lee Rokke 1986.

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Local History - Norway:

Bjarner, Ove, Eikers Historie, Bind III Elvekulturen. Pub: Øvre og Nedre Eiker Kommuner, Eiker Sparebank, 1994. 453 pages, illustrated. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Eiker, Norway, 1995

Bjartli, Olav, Kirkens Spor I Fedres Jord, et bidrag til Krødsherads Historie, trykt i Erik St. Nilssens boktrykkeri, Skien, xerox copy, original in Wilson library, University of minnesota, call number 948.11K913/B555.

Caspari, Theodore, Fra Bygdevei og Sætersti, Landskapsbilleder fra det Østenfjeldske Norge of Grænsetrakter Mot Sverige. Oslo 1926. Xerox copy of pages 118-133, Norefjeld og Kroderen. original in Wilson Library, University of MInnesota. Gift from Lee Rokke.

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1949. Redaktør Roar Tank. Contains census of farms 1-79, and a map of Eiker fron 1784. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1950. Redaktør Roar Tank. pages 41-48 missing, Contains 1801 census of farms 80-159. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1957. Redaktør Roar Tank. Contains 1801 census of farms 160-240, and the 1801 farm register for Eiker..Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1963. Redaktør M. Hamarstrøm. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1967. Redaktør M. Hamarstrøm. Contains a small dictionary of the local dialect, and "Sorenskrivere I Buskerud" with names and biographies. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1989

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1971. Redaktør J. Bretteville-Jensen. Contains the subscription list for Sogneprest Hans Strom's "Instructions for the common people who know about his mission in nature". Many Sigdal names. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1989

Eiker-Minne, Tidskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1978. Redaktor Helga Werp Gevelt. Contatins articles on military, timber industry, places and families in Eiker and Tax list for 1647. Gift from Danile Lie, June 1986.

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1982, Redaktør Helga Werp Gevelt. Contains a local history bibliography, forfatterregister, and articles on some individuals. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1989

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1985, Redaktør Arne Raaness, Eiker history and biography. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1989

Eiker-minne, Tidsskrift utgitt av Eiker Historielag, Arbok 1987, Redaktør Arne Raaness, Eiker history and biography. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1989

Johnson, Nils, Eiker Træk av en Storbygds Saga, utgitt ved Komunal Foranstiltning, Eiker Sparebank har bekostet opptrykk, Mai 1979. Lristiania Carl Werner & Company 1914. inscribed: "Eiker 23.06.1986, Hokksund. Til Eikevaringer I Amerika. Tilegnet August Klagstads Minne, Hilsen, Daniel Lie" Gift from Daniel lie, Hokksund, Norway at the Sigdalslag visit to Fosseholm, June 23, 1986

Johnson, Nils, Nedre-Eiker, utgitt ved Komunal Foranstaltning, Kristiania, a/s Carl C. Wener & Co boktrykkeri, 1914. Inscribed: "Hokksund, Norway October 1987, Til Eikvæeringer i Amerika, Hilsen, Daniel Lie". Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway, 1987. Contains community history, map of Nedre Eiker.

Krødsheradkalenderen, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000

Krødsherad I Bilder, Historisk Fotobok, utgitt 1988, Historical photographs of people and places in Krødsherad. 219 p. Gift from Krødsherad Kommune, and Inge Thorud, Ordfører 1999.

Krødsherad kommune scrapbook, Leather bound book, momento of the Sigdalslag visit to Krødsherad Friday 27 June 1986. Program and pictures of places visited. Gift from the Krødsherad kommune, 1986.

Langs Lagen, Localhistorisk Lesebok for Bygdene og Byene Langs Numadalslagen, 1984. Redaktør Arve Kværnum. utgiver, Kværnum Forlag, Kongsberg, Norway. Gift from Aase Klundelien, Buskerud cultural affairs director.

Momenter Til en Beskrivelse Over Eker fra gamle dage og undtil nu, af en bonde. Drammen 1887, Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1988.

Moseng, Ole George, Eikers Historie, Bind II Sigden og sagbladet, Pub: Øvre og Nedre Eiker Kommuner, Eiker Sparebank, 1994.349 pages, illustrated. Gift from Daniel Lie, Hokksund, Norway 1995.

Mørch, Andreas, Frå Gamle Dager, Folkeminne Frå Sigdal og Eggedal, published by Norsk Folkeminnelag, Oslo 1932, soft cover, Inscribed "til Donald Barglund med Takk!, AM." Gift From Olga Berglund, 1996.

Mørch, Andreas Krødsherad Gard og Slekt, Bind I, utgitt av Krødsherad Kommune, Bokutstyr ved Carsten Lien, trykt hos Harald Lyche & Co a.s., Drammen 1974. Inscribed " Med hilsen og håndslag fra Krødsherad kommune, Noresund, 10 April 1975, Vennligst, Ingvald Grannum, ordforer"

Mørch, Andreas Krødsherad Bygdehistorie, Bind II og III, utgitt av Krødsherad Kommune, Harald Lyche & Co a.s., Drammen 1976. Inscribed " Til Sigdalslaget. De beste hilsner fra Krødsherad kommune, Ingvald Granum, ordforer 26/6/82" Descriptions of Krødsherad's nature, agriculture, animals, forests, seterlife, fishing, economy and some social structures such as the husmann system. It also has reprints of the 1667 and 1725 tax lists.

Mørch, Andreas Krødsherad Bygdehistorie, Bind III, utgitt av Krødsherad kommune, Harald Lyche & Co, Drammen, 1976. Inscribed "Til Sigdalslaget, de beste onsker fra Krødsherad kommune. Ingvald Granum, ordforer. 26/6/82" Articles on houses, handwork, art food, churches, nature, schools business, tourism, military life, weddings, funerals, music and sports. Of special interest is a copy of the utvandrerliste.

Mørch, Andreas, Sigdal og Eggedal Gard og Slekt, Bind II, Sigdal of Eggedal historielag, Harald Lyche & Co, Drammen 1953. History of the farms 1 (bergan) to 90 (Moen).

Mørch, Andreas, Sigdal og Eggedal Gard og Slekt, Bind III, bindet er en direkte fortsettning av anned bind. Sigdal of Eggedal historielag, Harald Lyche & Co, Drammen 1954. History of the farms 91 (Rud) to 174 (Bøle). Index of husfedre.

Mørch, Andreas, Sigdal og Eggedal Bygdehistorie, bind IV og V Sigdal og Eggedal historielag, Harald Lyche & Co, Drammen 1964. Articles on nature, agriculture, seterlife, forestry, industry, fishing, animal life, business & economy, politics, husmanns life, buildings, clothing, tools and crafts. It also contains a copy of the utvandrerliste. .

Mørch, Andreas, Sigdal og Eggedal Bygdehistorie, bind V, binde er en direkte fortsetting av fjerde bind. Sigdal og Eggedal historielag, Harald Lyche & Co, Drammen 1965. Articles on food, churches and religious belief, schools, children, business, roads, books, military life, law and folk customs.

Norske Gardsbruk Buskerud Fylke I Hole - Modum - Ringerike, Edited by Svein Knut Granum, published by Forlaget S. K. Granum, Krøderen, 1990, 780pages, Illustrated. Gift from Lee Rokke.

Norske Gardsbruk Buskerud Fylke II Drammen Hurum - Lier - Nedre Eiker Royken - Øvre Eiker, Edited by Svein Knut Granum, published by Forlaget S. K. Granum, Krøderen, no date, 736 pages, Illustrated. ISBN # 82-91124-02-7 (bd.2) Gift from Lee Rokke.

Norske Gardsbruk Buskerud Fylke III Flå-Gol-Hemsedal-Hol-Krødsherad-Nes-Ål, Edited by Svein Knut Granum, published by Forlaget S. K. Granum, Krøderen, printed Gjøvik Bokbinderi AS, 1995. ISBN 82-91124-03-5. purchased July 1995 $100.00.

Norske Gardsbruk Buskerud Fylke IV Flesberg- Kongsberg-Nore og Uvdal-Rollag-Sigdal, Edited by Svein Knut Granum, published by Forlaget S. K. Granum, Krøderen, printed Gjøvik Bokbinderi AS, 1995. ISBN 82-91124-04-3. Gift from Svein Knut Granum, inscribed "Gratularer med 85 års Jubeliet" Signed by Svein Knut Granum.

Skatvedt, Thormod, Sigdal og Eggedal, published by Sigdals herredstyre 1914. Articles on all parts of life in Sigdal and Eggedal including occupations, customs, music, sports, schools and churches. 345 pages, illustrated, hard cover. Gift from Chet Habberstad July 1997.

Schulrud, Mentz, Ringnes Bryggeri gjennom 100 år 1776-1976, Oscar-Andersens Trykkerier as, Olso 1976. Signed copy, "a member from Ringnes farm, Ellef Ringnes and Kari Ringnes" gift from Ellef Ringnes on the occasion of the Sigdalslaget visit to the Ringnes farm, June 1986. A history of the Ringnes family, farm, beer making and the Ringnes brewery.

Under Norefjell, Lokalhistorisk Tidscrift for Krødsherad og Sigdal. Printed by K-G Trykk, Krøderen, Norway. Several copies by subscription, fill in gifts from Håvard Støvern, editor. Copies of 1985-1&2, 1986-1&2, 1987-1&2, 1988-1&2, 1989-1&2, 1990-1&2, 1991-1&2, 1992-1&2, 1993-1&2, 1994-1&2, 1995-1&2, 1996-1&2, 1997-1&2, 1998-1&2, 1999-1 & 2, 2000 -1&2. 2001 -1.

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Sigdalslag purchased copies of filmed records through the permission of the Norwegian-American Genealogical Association. Because of the permission agreement, if the Sigdalslag ever disbands, the films will be returned to NAGA.

Microfilm of Census Records: (Purchased Through N-AGA)

Film # 0123040 Census 1865 Ål, Sigdal
Film # 1255657 Census 1875 Krødsherad and Eggedal
Film # 0255656 Census 1875 Sigdal

Microfilm of Church Records: (Purchased Through N-AGA)

Film #0124188 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 1,2,3,4 1722-1815
Film #0124189 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 5,6 1815-1856
Film #0124190 Sigdal Prestegjeld, book 7 1856-1878
Film #0124191 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 9,10,11 1840-1851
Film #0124192 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 12,13 1815-1843
Film #0278215 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 7,8,9 1844-1871
Film #0278216 Sigdal Prestegjeld, books 5,8 1875-1900
Film #0278217 Krødsherad book KL 1826-1875
Film #0278217 Kongsberg, book 4 KL1 1851-1877
Film #1281531 Krødsherad book 4 KL 1 1873-1893
Film #1281531 Kongsberg 1851-1872
Film #1281531 Kongsberg 1876-1878
Film #1281531 Hurum 1826-1857
Film #1282532 Krødsherad 1894-1906
Film #1282532 Lier book 13, 14 1865- 1874
Film #1282532 Lier 1875-1882
Film #1282532 Lier Utflytt 1876
Film #1282537 Røykan 1857-1875
Film #1282537 Sigdal 1872-1878
Film #1282538 Sigdal book 11 1879-1887
Film #1282538 Strømsø books 18, 19, 20 1865-1878
Film #1283059 Sigdal 1909-1916
Film #1283059 Eggedal 1923-1924
Film #1283059 Strømsø 1878-1885
Film #1283059 Strømsø 1879-1899


1801 Census Sigdal (copy)


1. Long topographic map of Sigdal. Gift from Andreas Mørch.
2. Eggedal Topographic map #1715 III
3. Krøderen Topographic map # 1715 II, 2 copies
4. Flå Topographic map # 1715 IV, 2 copies

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