Stensvad farm

Stensvad (Steinsvad)

… is located in Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway.

Stensvad (Steinsvad)

Photos and description submitted by David Stensvad

The Stensvad Farm is thirteen miles north of Prestfoss and near the town of Eggedal in the Sigdal area. A river flows between the farm and highway 287. All the buildings are from the 1900’s except the center red storage building which houses some of the various ‘treasures’ of the past. It is built on posts. This old building has been moved from its original location and has been extensively repaird. The farm was once owned by Jon and Ingeborg Andersen but was sold in 1837 to Seteingrim Jensen Bergerud for 550 spesiedaler. One year later Jon wanted the farm back for his eldest son, Anders, but this did not work out. The farm changed ownership several times until purchased by the current Thales family in 1905.

Jon and Ingeborg Anderson took their family of three children, Anders (age 16), Eli (13) and Ingeborg (10) and went to the U.S.A. in 1853. They settled first in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and three years later moved to New Richland, Minnesota. After some time in America, Anders decided there were too many Johnsons in the country, so he changed his name to Stensvad – the name of the farm in Norway.

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  1. Glad to see these pictures. Very interested in knowing more about my kids’ Norwegian heritage. Their great-grandmother was Frances Mae Stensvad/Fisher, from Nebraska.

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