Støa farm


… is located in Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway.


Photos and description submitted by Judy Sosted

In 1977 my parents and my husband and I went to Norway and visited the Stoa farm which was owned by Borghild Lien, the granddaughter of the man who bought it from my Great-great-grandfather. When he sold it it was a one room log cabin with a loft. Now it is a two room house and has been sided. The outbuildings are the same. The interior was furnished with some of the furniture that Borghild’s grandfather had carved, including the bench which has the movable back. In the stabbur I found a carved grain box just sitting there with mouse droppings in what grain was still in there. I asked if I could buy it and Borghild gave it to me, now a prized possession of mine. In exchange I asked what she would like and with money I sent she bought silver sugar tongs so she could serve coffee in style! She was a widow and the farm was very small and quite rundown, see first pictures. In 1998 I was back and she was transferring the property to a young family which it turns out were the descendants of my family who had remained behind! They were actively farming the land and had spruced up the place. Borghild died a few years ago while living in the nursing home, the original which had been built by donations from American Sigdalings.

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