Bjørkerud farm


… is located near Eggedal, in Sidgal, Buskerud, Norway.Bjorkerud

Photos and description submitted by Rod Pletan

These are 5 photos taken of the Bjørkerud place on the Pletan Farm just a little closer to Eggedal than the Pletan farm place.

Two were taken when Havard Stovern took our daughter Sheila there in winter of 1990. The other two are when Audrey and I visited there the spring of 1992. I also took some photos there in June 2003

It is here that Eric Jenson lived (Page 1063 of Mørch Eggedal & Sigdal III). All but one of Eric’s children emigrated from Bjørkerud to the USA, including my great grandfather Jens Ericson Pletan as well as Karen Olson’s great grandmother Ragne Ericsdatter Pletan. Jens and Ragne were siblings.