Ancestral Homes

This page contains links to photos of the places from which our ancestors emigrated.

If your ancestor(s) emigrated from Sigdal, Eggedal or Krødsherad, we invite you display a few photos or a short video, and a description of their home in Norway. Send your photos, videos and descriptions to the webmaster.

Bjorkerud  Bjørkerud farm, Sigdal

Bøleshagen Bøleshagen farm, Eggedal

Enger farm in Nedre Eggedal, Norway Enger farm, Eggedal

Flatin Flatin farm, Eggedal

Foss Foss farm, Eggedal

Grensbråtan Grensbråtan farm, Krødsherad

Grensplassen Grensplassen av Gren Mellom, Sigdal

Stabbur at Nedre Grønhovd Nedre Grønhovd farm, Eggedal

Halvorset Halvorset farm, Sigdal

Haugan Nedre Haugan farm, Sigdal

Jellum Jellum Nordre, Eggedal

Lillemoen Lillemoen farm, Sigdal

Øverby Farm, Sigdal

Pletan Pletan farm, Sigdal

Skare Skare Søre farm, Eggedal

Skavredalen Skavredalen (Bergli) farm, Sigdal

Smedsrud in 1932 - Krødsherad, Buskerud, Norge Smedsrud farm, Krødsherad

Solheim Solheim farm, Sigdal

Stensvad (Steinsvad) Stensvad (Steinsvad), Sigdal

Støa Støa farm, Sigdal